This web page is aimed at musicians who need a recording to practice with.

So many times in my life as an accompaniest, I have made recordings for musicians, so they didn't have to pay the hourly fee....This way, I can make a recording for you, on a midi file, that you can take along with your laptop, and listen to anywhere, on a long flights, at internet cafes, at home with your PC. The uses are endless, and so convenient.. I could play just the melody line you need to hear over and over, or the accompanying music.

Keep in mind, I cannot legally do copyright music without there permission, but since this is aimed at mostly classical musicians, I can do that.. Anything that copyright is not needed for.

I am also available to do arrangements of music that you have personally written. or arrangements of music for weddings, etc.

I have a form to fill out, but at this rate, since there are so many things we need to discuss about exactly what you want and need, we could just do these business transactions thru e mail.

I am very excited about doing business over the internet. There are so many possibilities for all of us out here! Hope to hear from you soon...

The world needs all the musicians it can get!!!!

Thank you!